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Spiritual Companioning

This process is one-on-one listening with a single focus: the movement and direction that God is leading you in your life. It is sometimes called Spiritual Direction.


It is led by Spirit. It is the product of deep movements. It is heart centred.


          It encourages deep attentiveness to moments of Presence and subtle sacred movements.


         It encourages to see “with the eyes of your heart” or to take a contemplative stance.


         It creates a space where people can see what has been missed in the pace of our lives.


         It allows our longings, our resistance, where we are open and where we constrict to come into view.


It can be helpful to those in transition, those who feel disconnected or at spiritual crossroads.


It can be helpful for those who feel drawn to deepen their relationship with God.


It encourages us to see what God may be inviting us to do.


It begins with the questions: Who is God for you? Where is  God for you? What is God like for you? When do you sense Presence and absence?


It assumes trust, discernment and confidentiality.


It assumes a psychological health and maturity in one’s life. It is for those who feel called to go deeper in their relationship with God.


It assumes an on-going process whose length and frequency is determined by both.


         It allows our deeper selves to surface and to speak.

If you feel drawn to Spiritual Companioning, contact Maryann at

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