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Maryann Fulton

Educator, Retreat and Contemplative Facilitator


Maryann has facilitated retreats and contemplative process in educational settings since 2001 and lives with her partner Sue at The Buderim Centre of Spirituality & Ecology.

Current Training:

  • In 2018 she completed a 2 year course on the Contemplative Tradition at Fr Richard Rohr’s Centre of Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, USA and facilitates current students completing the course.

Contemplative Practice:

  • She has been using contemplative practices for 20 years and is passionate about their transformative qualities, to ourselves, others, the world and the earth.

  • She takes a heart centred, experiential approach to contemplative practice and stands within the tradition of The Desert Fathers and Mothers, St Therese of Avila, St Francis of Assisi, Meister Eckhart, The Cloud of Unknowing, Thomas Merton, Robert Sardello and Maggie Ross.


  • She is keen to assist those whose spiritual thirst is not met by contemporary church and those who feel marginalised by many of their teachings.

  • She has spent time at The Findhorn Foundation in North Scotland, learning many empowering processes and observing the rich interrelatedness between human and natural energies.

Educational Background:

She has taught in primary, secondary and tertiary educational settings in NSW and QLD since 1978 and has worked with and continues to work with those students who are most vulnerable and struggle most in their schooling. She has a Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma of Education, a Graduate Diploma in Social Ecology, a Masters of Theology and a Certificate in

Spiritual Direction.

She is available for day retreats, partnered weekend retreats, contemplative courses and spiritual mentoring.

She is a member of the Conference of Spiritual Directors Australia,the Australian Network of Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Directors International.