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Reconnecting with nature, self, silence and spirit


Day retreats seek to empower people in providing a sacred space in nature for those needing time to stop, breathe and reconnect. If you are feeling disconnected with yourself, others and your God, this may provide the space for reconnection.

  • Learn contemplative practices that nourish your life

  • engage in reflective silence

  • feel the healing power of relaxation in nature’s nurturing presence.

Spiritual Mentoring as requested.

 Weekends and 2 - 3  Day Retreats.

Dicky Beach, Sunshine Coast.

These retreats will provide an opportunity for individual  people or those in committed relationships to:

  •    spend sacred time in a self contained, self catered retreat space

  •   explore the contours of your life and develop ways to further enrich your life 

  •     enjoy the beautiful, deeply nurturing and  relaxing ocean environment of the Sunshine Coast which is only a step away

  •     use some of The Findhorn Foundation processes to see yourselves in a new light.


Available from April this year. For further information and a booking please email us directly on:            

Contemplatives in the Market Place

This group is for those who feel themselves drawn or moved towards the contemplative within their lives and within the world and would like to meet on a monthly basis to support themselves and other people's journeys.

Following a period of stillness, discussion will evolve and is likely to centre on:

  • individual contemplative practices and journeys

  • different ways of knowing

  • communing with the earth's natural energies

For further information and a booking please use email us directly on

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