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                         The Buderim Centre of Spirituality & Ecology..... 

* is a place of intentional inclusion;

* adopts a contemplative approach in its work;

* acknowledges that the desire for the contemplative is wide and its expressions are diverse;

* as such, it flows across established religious traditions and flows abundantly in silence, in the depth and fullness of lives and in nature;

* the spiritual call is deep and persistent;

* the contemplative's essence, rhythm and energy ushers, spirals, lifts and flows spaciously;

The Buderim Centre of Spirituality & Ecology welcomes those who express spirituality in diverse ways, those with many faith traditions and those with no faith traditions. It takes a  contemplative and experiential approach towards spirituality and networks with other contemplative organisations such as The Contemplative Network (


Day Retreats: (10.00am to 1.30pm) "Reconnecting with Self, Spirit and Others." Bring a shared lunch. Tea & Coffee supplied. Bring a note book, journal or sketch book. Monday    only. Dates: 19th June, 14th August, 16th Oct, 13th Nov.

Bookings at Cost: $30.

Spiritual Playground brings together 3 important things for the LGBTQI Community: play, fun and spiritual discussions that enrich our lives. For those who feel drawn to deepen their experiential understanding of themselves and their interactions with their God, Spirit, Ground of Being, the Earth and others in their lives.  Dates:  19th Feb, 19th March, 21st May, 18th June, 16th July, 20th August, 15th Oct, 19th Nov.

Bookings at Bring a shared supper to follow. 

Marion Douglas​'s: photography. For more details contact:

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